Our Little Secrets

We were lightweight and unknowing. We were two pieces of a broken soul that found its way to connect to each other that night. Your room was dark. We were not the only people in your room. The others only felt like a blur of laughter and noises in the background of you and I. We laid next to each other on your bed, sharing one pillow beneath our heads. There was a knock on your door. I went out. My mother warned me about the dangers of a boy; a boy she labelled a maniac that night. I crawled onto your bed next to you. I did not believe you were that boy. Your warm body next to my body made me feel protected. Although you were only laying there. Your TV was the only light in your room. Other than that, there was also that spark in your eyes. I watched your stomach move up and down; you laughed over all the little things that seemed funny. I knew that beneath your smile was a tired, broken soul. I thought that was what made you beautiful. I felt like a piece of your broken soul that made you feel whole that night. I hope you felt that too.

I hope you felt that too.

I whispered something in your ear. My tongue a cup of red wine susurrus but not quite drunken. You whispered something back with concern and protection in your voice. I told you not to worry. I told you I did not believe you were the boy they said you were. You had a heart of a balloon. Your heart floated lightly in the air, only popping if it wandered too high into the unknown or if it made contact with anything too sharp for your delicate soul to take. I fell asleep then and there. My world turned black and I floated into a universe of us. I woke up with my fingers lingering in your hair and your arm around my shoulder. The room was still dark except only now we were basically the only people laying there. I was confused when my eyes blinked open, but it was the good kind of confused. The kind of confused where you are not quite sure onto what is really going on but either way, you enjoy it.

You were my favorite confusion.