New Beginnings

by Poetically Yours, Chesca

The sun was gone.

And we were stars in the dark

That shined in neon lights

And boundless feelings

Of carefree raised hands.

Losing themselves to the permissible poison

That slid down their throats.


I don’t know if I was lost in the clouds because

Of the heavy smoke that filled the room,

Or the sea of people I drowned in

Searching for you.


Dancing under the moonlight

With strangers of another kind,

Whose hands ran down my sides

Like wandering children without a map.


I’m sorry I pushed them away.

I just wanted to be explored

With someone of a genuine desire

For wanderlust.


The clock strikes eleven p.m.

Shooting stars flamed passed me

And I did not get the kiss of cliche teenage love songs.

But that’s alright;

Because the wolf still looked up to the gleaming full moon,

And howled loudly for me anyway.

 On a side note, I didn’t write about the same boy this time. Do I get a reward?