Game Over, We Lose.

by Poetically Yours, Chesca

I am mad at myself.

You gave me a hundred reasons to not like you,

But somehow I still found beauty 

In this wall you built between us;

With all the secrets behind the bricks. 

I counted the years like prison tallies.

And when my time was up,

I still have not escaped.

I am still in the same prison cell-

Behind the bars you put me in.

We were what almost been.

And now you are my what could have been,

Because I am giving up on you.

And I don’t know how I could do that-

How I could love someone so much for so long

Only to walk away.

But then I look at you.

And now I understand.

I know we never said it,

But I know you must have felt something. Anything.

You see,

I know you are that quiet kid at the back of the classroom.

I know you do not get noticed a lot.

Or as much as you think.

I know you spend late nights having parties


In the silence of your room

With a video game in your hand

And voices pounding, saying

You aren’t good enough.

I know you’re a hopeless romantic

And you dream of being dreamed by someone else.

But did you not realize that you were my dream?


If only you knew the secrets behind this wall you built up.

I wish I hadn’t been so scared to break it down.

I wish you hadn’t been such a coward.

And now look at us.

So much love

Wasted. Gone.

All because of our walls.


Idek what this is. I actually wrote it on the 31st but only decided to publish it now. Hope you liked it though.