Since We’ve Met

by Poetically Yours, Chesca

I memorized all the stoplights and mini-store corners of this place

But it was a happenstance of wonderment

Stumbling upon this particular house called You.

You were but four walls

And I never bothered peeking through the glass windows.

Either have I not regretted my compass leading me north

Because since then, I never wanted to look back.

I have flown across hues of pink and blue

But none of them were anything quite like you.

I tried reading you.

But people weren’t maps.

So I allowed myself to go on an adventure instead.

So far I have discovered dark graveyards

And leaves falling from their branches.

But I would do anything to bring you life again.

I wanted to explore you.

I wanted to get lost in you.

I was willing to plunge myself into the oceans

And drown myself in all your thoughts.

Drown me in all the things you fear-

And I will turn your shipwreck into something beautiful.

We were made up of different dust particles

But constellations can always be connected.

So go explore the worlds in me.

Just as I have found my home-

It’s you.

Finally posted a decent poem after so long!!!!!