In Memory of You and Me

I didn’t believe in us

At first when I met you with awkward silences

When you whispered stuttered phrases beneath your shy smile and I didn’t feel like learning your secrets.

But along the way, I saw us in a better light.

No longer a gap inbetween us but rather, a tight hug

With poorly written love letters and secret rendezvous that made me smile endlessly.

I thought that your affection — your attention

Would last.

But you forgot about everything I told you and you left my heart outside your doorstep

Slowly faded when the rain washed it away.

Your memory of me grey and hazy like a blurred vision.

And instead of me writing you a poem, this is turning into yet another poorly written love letter.

Please keep this in a box of memories of us.

My letters are something I wanted you to remember me by.

Because although I knew you said you’d never do this,

Let’s face it,

You were no longer the boy that threw pebbles outside my window.

And I was tired of seeing only raindrops and cold air hit the glass nowadays.

You’ve started to forget.

You’ve started to change.

I didn’t believe in us


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