I Once Believed This Was It 2.0

I held on to you like a promise.

You were the sand I struggled to keep cupped inside my hands.

I wanted to cross oceans – but I remembered that if I did,

you would slip away.

Slowly floating; I would lose you.

Sinking underwater; my eyes would blur.

Gradually, you would return to the ground and this frightened me

because returning would make me unsure

of who you were.


I tried to keep what I promised

and so I waited before I took the leap.

Day by day, I felt cold mornings turn orange and bright with you.

One by one, we traded each other stars until suddenly,

we were both holding the universe.

I felt as infinite as the skies when I made you the center.

You were my world,

and I was so ready to take your hand –

planting flags with you on newly discovered land.


However, here I was, back on the surface.

I looked up to see your moon but you kept one side hidden.

I did not understand how you stayed up while I ended up drifting downwards.

I thought the universe we shared would be strong enough to keep us above the same sky but unfortunately,

there was no such gravity to catch my fall.


You, the boy I once called “My promise,”

have lost yourself in sands and skies.

I remember your name when I think of an us.

I know you as  Mister “I missed.”

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